How To Upgrade Your Server Subscription

Firstly, access to  the link:

– Click on My Account -> Login on the right corner

– Enter your log in information with your: Email and Password

– After that press on “Login” button

Secondly, after successful log in, click on the menu Services -> My Services

– The find product want upgrade and click on it

–  After clicking, you will go to Product detailed page. Next click Actions Upgrade/Downgrade

– Choose Product want upgrade and click on Choose Product button

– Next, click Checkout button

– Upgrade price is calculated from a credit of the unused portion of the current plan and billing of the new plan for the same period (17 Days). On this article, the unused portion of the current plan is 17 Days 

– Select the coin for payment. On  this article, we choose Bitcoin

– After that click on the button Complete Checkout

– On this step, you will transfer the Amount Remaining to Address as below:

Finally, after transferring  Amount Remaining to Address successfully, go to link and select the menu Billing -> My Invoices

, then check your Invoices status to see if it has been turned into Paid status or not

– If the status is Paid, it means you have made payment for product upgrade successfully. Chainkloud will upgrade the product for you.

– If the status is Payment Pending, it means you have not completed the payment for upgrade. Kindly check your payment status again.