Block Storage

Experience the benefits of increased storage capacity, improved performance, and enhanced scalability with our Block Storage service. Get started today and unlock the full potential of your infrastructure.

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With our Block Storage service, you can easily expand your storage capabilities to meet your growing needs. Whether you need additional storage for your applications, databases, or files, our high-speed volumes provide the performance and reliability you require.

By attaching our high-speed volumes to your infrastructure, you can seamlessly scale your storage capacity without the need for additional hardware investments. Our service offers flexible storage options, allowing you to allocate the storage resources that best suit your requirements.

Block Storage

Increase storage capacity by attaching high – speed volumes. Learn more

10 GB


20 GB


40 GB


80 GB


160 GB

$16 /MONTH

320 GB

$32 /MONTH

640 GB

$64 /MONTH

1280 GB

$128 /MONTH

2560 GB

$256 /MONTH

5120 GB

$512 /MONTH

10240 GB

$1.024 /MONTH