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With ChainKloud, you can delve deeper into the world of blockchain technology. Its open-source, multichain, and highly customizable nature makes it the perfect tool for exploring the data and features of any blockchain. You can easily search for blocks, transactions, and addresses, and then extend your exploration by connecting with applications, bridges, wallets, and more. The possibilities in the blockchain universe are endless with ChainKloud!



With ChainKloud, you get access to the first fully-functional, open-source blockchain explorer designed for any Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) chain. This makes it simple for you to check transactions, balances, block confirmations, smart contracts, and any other data stored on the chain.

As the use of rollups continues to rise, it’s becoming increasingly important to have an explorer that can handle both zk and optimistic L2 rollup-based transactions. ChainKloud provides complete transaction tracking abilities, so you can follow your transactions as they move between chains, layers, and across the blockchain landscape. It offers an easy way to explore data on rollups compatible with the EVM, such as Optimism, Arbitrum, ZK rollups, and more.

ChainKloud prioritizes transparency and makes it simple to uncover valuable blockchain data. With its easy-to-use interface, you can access a wealth of information, both on-chain and off-chain. Additionally, its open-source code is clearly documented, allowing for independent verification.

With ChainKloud, you have the flexibility to make it your own. You can tailor the user interface, add new features, modify existing ones, and integrate it with third-party software to meet your specific needs. Its functionality is customizable and extendable, making it ready for you to enhance in any way you see fit.

With ChainKloud, you can get a comprehensive overview and then delve into the specifics. Its optimized views and integrations with third-party services, such as Tenderly, offer the chance for in-depth data exploration.

The dynamic displays in ChainKloud are always up-to-date, showing you the latest information from blocks, transactions, balances, and token transfers in real-time.

With ChainKloud, you can explore tokens that follow the ERC20, ERC721, ERC677, and ERC1155 standards, both native and bridged, on supported chains. The “Add to Metamask” feature offers easy one-click interaction, and the inclusion of off-chain metadata for tokens enhances the overall user experience.

Verifying smart contracts has never been simpler. You have the option to use the Sourcify or HardHat integrations, or opt for the native verification feature that is fully integrated into the Blockscout interface. The convenience is yours to choose!

The Blockscout APIs are optimized for ease of use and are ready to be utilized. You can easily test calls through the web interface using GraphQL or query data using Eth-based and custom RPC methods.

Diverse Client Support
Blockscout is compatible with a range of clients, including OpenEthereum, Nethermind, Geth, Erigon, Besu, Ganache, and Substrate.

App Integrations
In-built app marketplace
My Account functionality
Data tagging
Customizable UI

Explorers We’ve Built

Some of the most well-known names in the blockchain industry have reaped the benefits of explorers like Etherscan, which are designed and maintained by the Etherscan team.

Future Updates

Exciting plans are in store for the future of ChainKloud! New features are being developed that will raise the bar for blockchain exploration. Check out our roadmap to keep up with the latest progress and see what’s on the horizon.

We’ve accomplished a fresh new look for our website! The design is sleek, contemporary, and easily searchable. The refreshed OG logo honors ChainKloud’s legacy as an open-source, community-driven explorer, with over 5 years of history.

The new homepage update prioritizes data accessibility, availability, and convenient searching. Real-time updates for blocks, batches, and transactions provide immediate information, with the option for deeper analysis just a single click away

The user interface is undergoing a comprehensive overhaul, and a React-based front-end is being integrated to provide faster updates and enhanced customization opportunities for developers of all skill levels.

With ChainKloud’s personalization options, you can categorize transactions using private tags, label your preferred projects, and tag the addresses of your friends (or even those of your enemies).

Standardizing, harmonizing, and organizing the explorer interface is achieved through searchable public tags. The public can contribute to the inclusion of tags through the ChainKloud user interface.

The updated homepage prioritizes quick and easy access to data, with a prominent search feature. Real-time updates for blocks, batches, and transactions provide immediate information, while deeper insights are just a single click away.

The ability to add custom Application Binary Interfaces (ABIs) streamlines the process of interacting with, debugging, and testing newly deployed smart contracts.

Quick and easy deployment is made possible with the option for one-click setup and the availability of pre-constructed Docker containers. These features will allow projects to rapidly launch and personalize their own explorer instances.

The NFT interface has been newly designed and improved to offer users a deeper understanding of NFT traits, utilization, and background, as well as providing opportunities for increased engagement.

A dedicated asset management dashboard allows you to explore all of your holdings across various blockchain networks, facilitate asset transfers and rebalancing, and provide a comprehensive overview of your cryptocurrency assets.

In-depth analytics and customizable graphical displays offer both broad perspectives and detailed data insights, providing transparency and clarity into all blockchain operations.

Improved analytics and sophisticated data analysis tools will provide users with the ability to delve into data, generate reports, and export comprehensive information.

Integrated tools will assist developers in creating, testing, and debugging contracts in real-time. Monitoring and maintenance tools will allow developers to proactively identify and resolve issues as they occur.

With the introduction of new Terraform templates, ChainKloud is poised to make a comeback in the AWS marketplace, offering private chains and individual users a hassle-free way to deploy ChainKloud on AWS.

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