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ChainKloud developer tools and valuable insights guarantee a simple and reliable API access to multiple blockchains: Bitcoin, Ethereum, BNB Smart Chain (Binance Smart Chain), etc.

The cloud platform is developed by the world’s leading team of blockchain experts & developers. We assist in the cost-free management and maintenance of all blockchains, CEX, DEX, DApps.. running on our ChainKloud platform.

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Powerful Toolkit for Instant Integration with Web3

Our stack of technical solutions for the largest crypto nodes list is set to give an ‘unfair advantage’ to dApp developers of all segments.

Full Control and Flexibility

Enjoy the flexibility of VPS solutions and have full control over your operating system. The full root access lets you configure the server environment to your needs and decide how you dedicate your resources, no matter if you’re looking to host one large website or multiple smaller sites.

Secure infrastructure & inbuilt protection

Take advantage of ChainKloud’s secure infrastructure & inbuilt protection. High-performance infrastructure for cloud computing, data analytics & machine learning.

A shared fate model for risk management

ChainKloud provides a secure-by-design foundation, a shared fate model for risk management supported by products, services, frameworks, best practices, controls, and capabilities to help meet your digital sovereignty requirements.

Increased Performance

All of the resources are yours only, including the CPU, RAM, and disk space. No need to worry about other people’s site traffic affecting your website’s performance. VPS is powerful and stable, which is why it’s recommended as the top option for hosting websites and online apps.

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