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24×7 Support Center, is a service that reaches new levels of customer care by ensuring the availability of a technical team that monitors and analyzes the performance of the solutions in place 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We specialize in providing expert IT Infrastructure services with the promise of reliability and resourcefulness to provide practical, cost-effective solutions to clients!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here we cover abroad range of intent (transactional, informational, locational) which reflects new audience questions.

Do I really need a dedicated server?

Glad you asked. If your website is loading slowly, running out of space, or your audience is growing quickly, it might be time to consider a dedicated server. You might find this article about what dedicated hosting is and how it compares to other services helpful.

What's the difference between VPS and Dedicated?

What’s the difference between VPS and Dedicated?
A dedicated server is a server that’s literally dedicated to you and no one else, while a VPS splits the resources of the server between different sites or hosting accounts. There are awesome benefits to each

Should I go with a shared or dedicated hosting environment?

Should I go with a shared or dedicated hosting environment?
There are a variety of shared hosting environments to choose from — Linux Shared, Reseller Hosting, Windows Shared, and VPS Hosting.

Is there a limit for outgoing emails?

No, there is no limit, however, if you send spam and we receive spam report from the data center, there is a possibility that your service turns to Suspended or Restricted.